2024 Capital & Operating Budget

Township Code 2024 Budget

On December 12 , 2023, Township Council adopted a $16,157,682 budget plan for O'Hara Township for the year 2024. The plan includes $3,194,214 for capital improvements.

  • The Township 2024 real estate tax millage was set at 2.1 mils.
  • The earned income tax rate remains at .8%. The total earned income tax for residents of O'Hara Township, which includes the .5% levied by the Fox Chapel Area School District is 1.3%.
  • The Local Services Tax rate is $52 with $5 going to the Fox Chapel Area School District and $47 going to O'Hara Township. This tax is paid by individuals who work in the Township and earn more than $12,000 per year.
  • The complete budget is available for citizen review. Residents interested in reviewing the budget may stop by the Township office.