Animal Control

Residents may call the Township of O'Hara Police Department at (412) 782-1403 to report dogs which are running loose. Residents may also register a complaint for animals which are barking/howling, etc.

The Township of O'Hara is under contract with Hoffman Kennels (724-468-5505) to: collect and capture dogs running at large, hold licensed dogs for a period of five days after capture, after having notified the owner by certified mail, feed and water all dogs while in custody; hold all stray dogs, unlicensed and of good health for a period of 48 hours after which time said dogs will be placed or humanely destroyed.

Hoffman Kennels is to notify owners of licensed animals by certified mail. Such owners are responsible for any charges, fees, costs associated with pickup and holding. Owners of dogs seized and detained are responsible for all charges, boarding fees, placement or destroying humanely. Fines are $300.00. Each day of violation after notification constitutes a separate offense.