Yard Waste Collection

The Township's waste collection contract with Waste Management also provides for curbside collection of yard waste on the third Wednesday of each month from May - August and October - November. Following are the 2021 dates for collection:

           Collection Date                                           Last Day to Call-in

  • Wednesday, May 19                                   Friday, May 7
  • Wednesday, June 23                                  Friday, June 11
  • Wednesday, July 21                                   Friday, July 9
  • Wednesday, August 18                               Friday, August 6
  • Wednesday, October 20                             Friday, October 8
  • Wednesday, November 17                         Friday, November 5

Residents must call 412-784-1784, ext. 203 at least ten (10) days prior to the scheduled date to request this collection. Call-in end dates are also shown on the Township calendar.

Yard waste includes leaves in biodegradable bags, garden residue, shrubbery trimmings, limbs, twigs, brush, tree trimmings and similar material, but NOT grass clippings. All tree trimmings and limbs must be cut in lengths less than 48 inches and limbs must be less than 3 inches in diameter. All material must be securely bundled and each bundle must weigh less than 40 lbs.