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Police Department

The O'Hara police department is responsible for the protection of public safety, law enforcement, traffic control, crime prevention and animal control.

Phone Numbers:
24-hour emergency: 911

Business-hours non-emergency number: 412-782-1403

After business-hours non-emergency number: 412-473-3056

Contact Information:

Scott K. Slagel

Superintendent of Police

Civil Service Rules and Regulations

Ordinance No. 1328 Bill No. B-51-2017
Attachment to Ordinance No. 1328 Civil Service Commission Rules and Regulations Amended and Restated as of 2017

Soliciting and Canvassing

HOMEOWNERS: Recent Supreme Court and District Court decisions have changed the way solicitors may conduct business. The Township has updated the Solicitation Ordinance (No. 1187 & No. 1236) to include these rulings. Now individuals who solicit door-to-door for charitable, religious or political groups are no longer required to obtain a permit from the Township. All individuals who solicit door-to-door for commercial purposes must still obtain a permit.

The courts have also ruled that to ensure no solicitors come to your door, it is now necessary to place a sign on your property. The sign should simply read NO SOLICITORS and be placed on your door or in a window.

Although for profit solicitors and canvassers have constitutional rights to conduct business in the Township, residents also have the right to keep these individuals from visiting their homes. Residents who do not wish to be solicited or canvassed by commercial solicitors may complete a No Soliciting and Canvassing Form at the Township Police office. The form may also be downloaded here and mailed to or dropped off at the Police office. A list of all properties where solicitors and canvassers are not welcome is given to all individuals or groups obtaining a solicitation permit from the Township. If you are visited by a solicitor and have filed such a form, notify the Police Department. In all circumstances, citizens are urged to ask solicitors to present their permits.

SOLICITORS/CANVASSERS: Pursuant to the provisions of O'Hara Township Ordinance No. 1187 & No. 1236, as amended, Solicitors/Canvassers must apply for a Canvassers and Solicitors Registration Certificate. Solicitors or canvassers must complete a Canvassers and Solicitors Registration Application available at the Township Police office. The form may also be downloaded here for completion and submission to the Police Department.

Animal Control

Residents may call the Township of O'Hara Police Department at (412) 782-1403 to report dogs which are running loose. Residents may also register a complaint for animals which are barking/howling, etc.

The Township of O'Hara is under contract with Hoffman Kennels (724-468-5505) to: collect and capture dogs running at large, hold licensed dogs for a period of five days after capture, after having notified the owner by certified mail, feed and water all dogs while in custody; hold all stray dogs, unlicensed and of good health for a period of 48 hours after which time said dogs will be placed or humanely destroyed.

Hoffman Kennels is to notify owners of licensed animals by certified mail. Such owners are responsible for any charges, fees, costs associated with pickup and holding. Owners of dogs seized and detained are responsible for all charges, boarding fees, placement or destroying humanely. Fines are $300.00. Each day of violation after notification constitutes a separate offense.

Vacation Checks

If you are going to be away from home on vacation or business, you may wish to have a Police Officer check your home on a regular basis while you are gone. To request this service, complete the request form available at the Police station or print the vacation notice and drop it off or mail it to the Police Department.
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