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Long Range Comprehensive Plan

Below are links to the draft of the Township's Long Range Comprehensive Plan. Appendix D which contains numerous maps has been omitted because of the large file size. The complete Plan including these maps is available for public review at the Township office, Boyd Community Center, 1220 Powers Run Road and the Cooper-Siegel Community Library, 403 Fox Chapel Road.

Preface and Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Previous Planning Efforts

Chapter 2 - Early History and Settlement Patterns

Chapter 3 - Demographic Analysis

Chapter 4 - Housing and Households

Chapter 5 - Socio-Economic Profile

Chapter 6 - Educational Opportunities

Chapter 7 - Transportation and Circulation

Chapter 8 - Government and Community Facilities

Chapter 9 - Current and Future Land Use

Chapter 10 - Development Constraints (Natural and Historic Resources)

Chapter 11 - Citizen Participation

Chapter 12 - Implementation Plan

Appendix A - Census Terms & Definitions

Appendix B - Funding Sources

Appendix C - Birth/Death Rate Statistics

Appendix D - Maps *** Even broken down into sections, these files are very large and may take several minutes to download.

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