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Fall Leaf Collection

Fall 2019 Leaf Collection begins on Monday, October 14. The final collection round will begin on December 1. This means that once an area is collected on or after December 1, any leaves placed at the curb WILL NOT be picked up.

As in the past, the east and west sections of the Township have been divided into zones. This enables the Public Service Department to follow a set collection route and better communicate with the residents as to where leaf collection is currently being conducted, where it has been done and where it will be done next.

Please click here for the latest information on where Leaf Collection is occurring.

Leaves have been collected in Zones colored GREEN. Zones colored BLACK will continue to be done in order. Once all Zones have been completed, collection will begin again at Zone 1.

Check back daily for progress (remember to REFRESH your screen) as the time between collection rounds will vary depending on the volume of leaves out for collection.

Please visit the Township Brush Collection page for information on scheduling fall brush pickups.

Residents are reminded that leaves MUST be placed within four (4') feet of the curb, but not in the street. Leaves left in the street can create a safety hazard, especially if it rains or snows. Ordinance #1226 provides for fines for those who unlawfully and substantially interfere with, obstruct or render dangerous for use or passage any street, road, sidewalk, river or public way or place.

Remember that no other debris may be mixed in with the leaves. Also, placement of obstacles in front of the leaves may hinder collection. A request is made that cars, trash cans or other objects not block access to the leaves. Door hangers will be left at residents home if there is a problem with the collection of leaves. This door hanger will give the reason for the non-collection and give a phone number to call for further collection information.

Please call the Township at 412-784-1784, ext. 203 with any questions or comments regarding the leaf collection program.
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